What if there was more?...

More to your fitness, health and wellbeing?

What if your gym provided it?

When Zelos was built we wanted to create an opportunity for our members to learn and experience more than just the same as what any gym offers.

We wanted to provide for our members the chance to inject positives into their everyday lives.

Our knowledge of health and fitness industry, combined with years of experience in the NSW Police where we both operated in and designed the training for specialist teams, has allowed us to create something unique...

We established the Zelos Retreats.

In June of 2018 we ran our first Retreat with the theme… “Facing Your Fears!”

12 of our clients jumped into the challenges placed before them.

Abseiling in the Blue Mountains was the centerpiece of the weekend. The levels of fear varied but were conquered across the board by all. This provided a great atmosphere for the rest of the weekend as people celebrated each others success.

Snake handling was probably feared the most by the owners of Zelos!

It was a great inclusion to the weekend. Fitting our theme and definitely providing some entertainment.

Presentations by a number of our long time friends who shared experiences of what it’s like to perform at the highest level and prepare for the fears associated in their profession was also a highlight.

The Retreat gave the opportunity for people to share and realise they were normal in both having fears and dealing with them. It provided confidence and tools to take away and apply to their lives. The goal of Zelos Retreats.


In October 2018 it was time to visit Berry for our “Being Better Humans” Retreat.

Again, with the intention of providing members with more...more knowledge and experiences to empower them with the ability to improve their lives.

Special Guests Jayden Gardner and Paul Whitehead provided presentations on performing at a higher level.

Activities such as Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, breath work and an intense beach training session were some of the activities packed into the weekend.

It’s not all about hard work and training.

One of our aims during the Retreat is to create an atmosphere for members to get away from everyday life. We handle everything they need, accommodation, food, cleaning and activities. They just have to turn up, partake and relax.

Oh...and we like to stay in nice places too!