A Famous T-Shirt Once Said, "Suns Out, Guns Out!"


Winter is over and many people will renew a vow to get in shape, get healthier and train harder in time for Summer.

However the wish for results just because of a change in season, doesn’t just happen.

There has to be a change in habits too.

The excuses of cold mornings getting in the way of training need to be swapped out for habits leading us to results.

This will take focus.

What do I mean by focus?... I’ll tell you.

It takes more than just “doing” to get real results.

Eat with purpose. Train with purpose.

Reduce your distractions.

Here is my top six tips for increasing your focus and decreasing your distractions.


1.    Commit to someone.

This helps with accountability. It’s easy to back out of something when it only affects ourselves.

If our lack of commitment is going to effect a gym partner or a team then we are less likely to let them down.


2.    Invest in yourself.

The less it costs the less people care. Very few people are actually motivated enough to go train everyday in a park for free. This is why people don’t use the $12 a week membership they pay for. It’s not enough for them to care.

Look around for a gym that is going to offer you more, is going to keep you accountable in someway to turning up… like… Zelos for example! (Yes I am bias.)


3.    Less phone time.

It’s easy to whittle away the hours scrolling on phones and then deciding, “Oh, I don’t have time for food prep and training.” Put the phone down! You won’t miss anything. Go and move.


4.    Make time.

Everyone is busy. Work, family, kids, relationships. Make the time. Combine some things.

Sign up to the gym with your partner.

Do a personal training session with your spouse. I bet you both feel better afterwards.

Include the kids in some outdoor activities.

Get up earlier.

(These are like bonus tips inside the tips!)

If all else fails read Tip 3 !


5.    Say “No”

You don’t have to go to every function. If you do go, you don’t have to drink alcohol and eat the food there. These are a sure ways to distract you from your goals.

I’m not saying become a monk! If your friends aren’t willing to encourage and support the focus you have on yourself at the moment, well… are they the ones to hang out with? Surround yourself with good people.


6.    Get advice.

We go to accountants for tax advice, lawyers for legal advice, builders to build our house. You don’t have to know everything when it comes to food and training.

Make life easier, take out the hard work battling through all of the confusion and get some advice from people that know.

Your efforts can then be focused on actions and not figuring it all out.


There you have it. Six tips to increase your focus and decrease distractions.

Follow these tips and in no time you’ll be dusting off your “Suns Out, Guns Out!” T-shirt to the envy of all of your friends!

Matt O'Brien