What If You Took 100% Responsibility For Everything In Your Life?


What decisions would you make if you took 100% responsibility for your life right now?

So often people wait for things to change, wait for things to come to them.

How often do you hear people talk about what will happen in the future?

“When I win the lotto…”

“Next year…”

“When the kids have grown up…”

Are we seriously just pressing pause on life?

Look at every single thing or circumstance in your life and ask yourself what taking 100% responsibility for it really looks like.

Your health, your nutrition,your training. Is it where you want it to be?

Or do you make a heap of excuses?

Take responsibility for it now.

What about things outside of my control? I hear you say … illness and injuries for example. I can’t train with those.

What about when people do things to me?… my wife left me. Work is busy at the moment.

How have you reacted to all of those things?

That’s what 100% responsibility looks like.

So often people curl up in a ball and have a pity party for themselves. Take an easy option and blamed others for the situation they are in.

I know… I’ve done it.

There is nothing more powerful than taking control of those situations. The ones other people think will beat you down. Only to rise up and act stronger than they expect.

Do things on your terms!

Not bound by the limitations others want to put on you.

Make decisions for you.

Train when all others wouldn’t. If you have an injured shoulder train legs, if your back is sore walk in a pool.

Be happy in the face of adversity.

Let go of the hurt and anger towards those who hurt you.

You don’t have time to waste on them.

You have places to be and things to do in order to make your life better.

It takes time and practice to find peace when anger wants to close in.

Whether it be anger at people or circumstance or both.

It’s not easy.

But...the world doesn’t have it in for you anymore than anyone else.

You don’t deserve a lotto win anymore than anyone else.

Go and create your lotto win.

What does your life look like when you make decisions taking 100% responsibility?

Matt O'Brien