How Many Push Ups Can Your Brain Do?

Recently I had the privilege of speaking with one of our clients about “health”.


“Big surprise!” I hear you say.

Let me explain...

We were talking about “change”.

If someone wants to change their health or fitness they have to do something different. They have to change whats being done now.

Start some exercise, change the diet, get some personal training.


Our conversation was actually about mental health.

“What does your mental and emotional exercise look like?”... I asked.

People are well aware of having plans for their physical health.

However, when it comes to our mental and emotional health we don’t consider our practices, our plan or even talk about it.

Sometimes it’s trial and error. Not everything will be a fit.

Not everyone likes or feels comfortable with every type of physical training either.


We discussed meditation. Practicing meditation takes time.

Olympic Lifting takes practice too but we seem to keep at physical challenges far longer than mental ones.

One of my best decisions was to stop watching the news. I avoid so much negativity.

I don’t listen to the radio either, most of the time I listen to podcasts or audiobooks...they relax me.

We spoke about “gratitude” and journaling too.

“None of that is me.” my friend said.

I laughed… “None of it was me either till I started it!”

Without change there is no change.

People join a gym, train five times a week, go to a nutritionist to better thier physical health...which is (swear word) awesome by the way.

What does your plan look like for your mental and emotional health?

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Matt O'Brien