“CrossFit Is Too Cheap!”

Why you can’t afford not to do it.

Gym owners regularly hear how expensive CrossFit is.

Well I’d argue the real question is...


Compared to what?

If its a $13 a week membership at a “normal” gym...then yes it is.

A Ferrari is an expensive car compared to a Holden Barina.

Even the Barina is expensive compared to a broken pushbike though.

You get what you pay for!


I was going to write about all of the things that your “normal” gym doesn’t do.

Instead here are some other questions you might ask yourself comparing expensive things.

However, here is the warning…

These questions are harsh.

Don’t read on if you aren’t ready to face some truths about expense and your health.


  • How much do the medical bills cost if you have a heart attack and live?

  • What is the cost to your children if you die from the heart attack?

  • How much does it cost you and your family to get a nurse after your stroke?

  • What is it worth to live a better more active life?

The cliche’ about only having one life to live is true.


Maybe I’ll have one less coffee each day.

Or, I’ll take my lunch to work.

Friday arvo beers might be just beers and I won’t put fifty in the pokies.

Maybe I’ll only have smashed avo with feta and pesto for brunch every third weekend!


If you have the self motivation to chase goals on your own, the drive to turn up, the knowledge to progress your training, knowledge about nutrition

and like walking on a treadmill alone then maybe “normal gyms” are for you.

If you don’t… well maybe CrossFit isn’t too expensive.


This is what I believe…

Your gym should care and want you there.

You deserve to be coached, helped and given advice.

Your nutrition, mobility and movement should be important to them.

They should know your name.

Social events are included just because they should be.

The odd bacon and egg brekky BBQ is great on a Saturday after training.

Making friends, laughing and fun is allowed too!

You don’t get that for $13 a week.

Matt O'Brien