“Are You Having FUN?”

When was the last time you had fun?


I guess we have to define what fun is for each of us.


Why am I asking?

Well I’ll tell you…

In the gym people are often bogged down and frustrated about “numbers” they are lifting or “times” they are getting.

We hear statements like, “I can’t do muscle ups.” or “I still can’t do double unders”... usually as a skipping rope goes flying across the gym.

People beating themselves up about their training.

Frowns, disappointment and frustrations are not what training is about.

Training shouldn’t be something getting you down.

If for you, the weights, struggles and journey of those things ARE fun...awesome!

It should be.


The same can be said for our lives outside of the gym.


Life can be tough. Sometimes it seems like one battle after the next.

So the first question again...When was the last time you had fun?

In a movement class we ran I watched a group of members laugh as we finished off with some game play.

I watched them genuinely having fun all the while not even realising they were training.


Every now and then I think we need to do something (in or out of the gym) where we feel silly or laugh, just for fun.

Anyone in my classes when Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” hits the stereo is lucky enough to be treated to my outstanding power metal dance moves. If box jumps are in the workout well look out...they make the perfect podium!

Why?... because sometimes I just want to have fun.


Let me be clear… Training at times MUST be serious.


  • Lifting heavy weights needs attention and concentration.

  • The right mindset must be there to battle a long enduring workout full of wall balls, thrusters and burpees.

  • Concentration is a must when learning a new skill like muscle ups.

  • Goals and progress are important (I’ll talk on importance of these in a blog soon)

As coaches it is our responsibility to make sure those times are recognised in the gym.

On occasions clients have to be refocused on a task for safety.


You also need to have fun.

Just as exercise and training is good for your mind and body…

Fun and laughter is too.

Playing with the kids, laughing with your partner, seeing a movie, going to the beach.

Sometimes it's doing those things without worrying about the time or what the next “important” task is.

It doesn’t matter what your FUN is… just as long as you have some!


So put on some great music, pretend you are wearing leather pants and have big hair… the world is your stage!

Matt O'Brien