“Am I Fit Enough For CrossFit?"

When I was 8 years old I was going to be the next Peter Sterling.

For the younger readers “Sterlo” was the greatest halfback to ever play Rugby League.

Yes, this statement may create arguements, (none more so than between me and my Rabbitohs loving business partner when I post this blog) but hear me out.

I was young and starting out in Rugby League. I had no experience. I didn’t know what it would take.

As time went by I was never going to play in the NRL. I still enjoyed it though.

The skills, speed and abilities of great players are admirable and awesome to watch to this day.


In a few days time the CrossFit Games will start.


Great athletes from around the world will soon hit the competitive stage at the highest level in the sport.

These athletes are truely incredible in ability, fittness, dedication and a long list of other qualities.

Many people will watch the CrossFit Games and think…

“I can’t do that.”


“I’m not fit enough for that.”

No one ever watches the State of Origin thinking, I can’t play at that level so I will never play or enjoy Rugby League.

People don’t expect to start at the top level. We start off with playing in the park, some touch footy or OzTag.

So why do people think they have to be at the CrossFit Games level to start training?

A CrossFit Games level athlete is a freak, let’s face it.

Not many will ever get to that level.

Training CrossFit and the CrossFit Games are two different things.

CrossFit takes the best things about different sports and training styles and throws them together.

Think about this…

If a CrossFit Games athlete turned up to our gym they would do the same class as our members. They might do it a bit faster and lift a bit heavier but it would be the same.

There’s the beauty of it.

You CAN do it.

You ARE fit enough.

It is the perfect place to get fitter.

Training is able to be adapted for everyone and there lies the difference compared to competing.


So next weekend I will probably sit back and watch the CrossFit Games in admiration and amazement just like when I watch the State Of Origin.

Knowing that I will never be Matt Fraser or Sterlo, but will really enjoying the spectacle and skills of the athletes.

Go the Aussies!

Matt O'Brien