The Tale of CrossFit Bear.

Once upon a time…


There was a bear who loved to exercise. This bear’s choice of exercise was CrossFit.

He was known to everyone as “CrossFit Bear

CrossFit Bear really enjoyed going to the gym and smashing out a workout with his friends.

Over time CrossFit Bear started to notice some changes.

He was getting fitter, stronger and looking better too.


Soon CrossFit Bear had some goals. He wrote them down.

Goals like a heavier deadlift, a muscle up and a faster “Fran” time were all in there.

A six pack of abs would be good he decided, but shaving down so people could see them would take time.

CrossFit Bear decided he wanted to increase the weight of his Snatch as well. Although hook grip is tricky when you don’t have opposable thumbs!


One day in the gym, he heard a guy named “John” say, “Winter is coming.

CrossFit Bear had noticed it was getting colder in the mornings. Some days he snuggled up in bed and stayed there a little longer.

He decided to skip some of his training days.

His diet of berries and salmon (his paleo diet) of which he was quite proud, started to slip.

Weight started going back on.

It got harder to get back to the gym even when he knew he should probably go. So in the end he stopped and started to...hibernate.

CrossFit Bear’s goals just sort of... disappeared.

He really wanted a muscle up but it was so warm on the lounge watching TV.


A lot of his friends, including the owners of the gym, would message him asking when he was coming back to train.

He would say things like...“Yeah I’m just having a rest. I’ll be in next week.” or “Work has been really busy.

All of the work CrossFit Bear had put in had now taken a backward step. He regretted not sticking to his training and his goals.

He didn’t feel as good as he did when we was training. In fact he felt pretty bad.

CrossFit Bear was sad.


You are not a bear.

People do not hibernate.

Yes it is cold in Winter.

Stop with the excuses.

Life is still happening...get after it...grab those goals.

Don’t be like CrossFit Bear.

See you in the gym!

Matt O'Brien