Eating in Penrith? - CrossFit Zelos Knows The Best Places!

As the owners of CrossFit Zelos, we do some of our best work together over a coffee and a good feed.

We also know the importance of fueling your body both prior to training and post workout.

So we thought we’d put together a list of our favourite spots to eat around Penrith...the home of CrossFit Zelos!

Post workout, in between classes, or just to catch up… here is where we think some of the best eats are!


Henri Marc Cafe’

Located: 2/438 High St, Penrith (just near the War Memorial)


When not at the gym, you’ll probably find the owners of CrossFit Zelos here having “our usual”!

Poached eggs on toast with bacon and avocado.

Great coffee.

Definitely one of our favourites.

The staff are always friendly and up for a laugh.


High Street Depot.

Located: 488 High Street, Penrith


Fresh and healthy food at the Depot.

Coffee is always good.

You’ll find a whole range of healthy juices.

The Super Salad with added protein is a favourite amongst our members.


Cafe Lattetude.

Located: 1/69 York Road, Jamisontown


Just up the road from CrossFit Zelos.

Makes it handy for a quick bite to eat and a coffee in between the morning classes.

Acai bowl for Gary.

Oats with Apple for Matt.

Mustafa will look after a great coffee for you!


The Union.

Located: 542 High Street, Penrith


Full of atmosphere and great tapas.

It’s why we chose The Union as the place to celebrate CrossFit Zelos’ first birthday with our members!

Arancini Balls are to die for!


Pioneer Tavern.

Located: The Northern Road & Maxwell St, Penrith


No doubt about it!...If you want to indulge in a schnity then this is the place!

27 different Schnitzels to choose from.

3 sizes!....Take on the large if you dare!

Plain one for Gary.

Chicken Moo Ha Ha for Matt.

...and the odd beer or two.


Vincent Diner.

Located: 25 Ross Street, Glenbrook.


They use the same coffee as CrossFit Zelos so how could they go wrong!

The Big Breakfast is where it’s at. Great feed in a quiet neck of the woods just up the mountain from Penrith.


Cassandra’s on Queen.

Located: 131 Queen St, St Mary’s


If you find yourself a little outside of Penrith then this is the cafe.

Packed full of healthy eating options for those who train and watch their waist.

High protein breakfasts are the pick at Cassandra’s.

They also have a range of protein shakes too good to be healthy!


The Shack.

Located: 12 the Crescent, Penrith.

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Organic Foods at the Shack make it a really healthy option. Vegan and Paleo options too.

They have smoothie and juice options that are awesome.

We can’t pass on a serve of their sweet potato chips when we are there.

So there you have it.


Train hard and reward yourself with a feed from anyone of these great local eating spots.


Matt and Gary.