5 steps to kickstarting a healthy eating plan.

by Gary Stavrakis


There is so much noise when it comes to “healthy” eating these days.

I’m asked on almost a daily basis the following things;


“I can’t lose weight and I’m training everyday!”

“What do you think about the Michelle Bridges 8 week challenge? (Or whatever it’s called?) or any other 6 week challenge?”

“ I’m going to eat paleo, vegan, gluten free, no carbs after 6pm, intermittent fasting, lemon detox...what are your thoughts?”


Sounds confusing doesn’t it?

Well I’d agree!

So here are some tips to work through all of that noise...


Here are 5 easy steps to kickstarting a healthy eating plan.


1.    The first question to ask is...“What do you want to eat?” The best diet in the world with the best ingredients is still useless if it isn’t followed.

So pick and eat the foods you actually want to eat. So long as you  can make the foods work with the ratios of protein, carbs and fats and the calories, go for it!


2.    In saying all of the above, ultimately the end goal is to hit your targets (fats, proteins, carbs and calories) with fresh, whole foods. Yes, you can hit those goals by hitting your protein targets with protein shakes but fresh fish, chicken breast or a good quality red meat is better.

Carbohydrate targets can be achieved with Allen’s party mix and Powerade but sweet potato, rice and fresh fruit fruit and vegies are so much better.

Then there are fats which can be obtained by eating avocado, nuts and good quality oils as opposed to foods that contain trans fats that are in most takeaway foods.


3.    Counting calories and tracking food is not an ideal or healthy way to live your life. Though I believe it is essential for at least 4 weeks as it gives you a great indication if you are not meeting your goals and when dialed it definitely aids you in not overeating.


4.    When establishing a healthy eating plan I believe you should eat the same food every day for 7-14 days and then establish what the chosen foods have done. If it's a good result, cool keep doing it. If it's a bad result, because the same foods have been consistently eaten over that 7-14 day period, we know the problem is in there somewhere, so we can make a change.


5.    Lastly, why deprive yourself of foods that you truly love or crave, (For me it’s chocolate and ice cream) and saving them for a cheat meal every week, fortnight or month is not a way to live your life. Food is one of the greatest joys in life.

I let myself eat a little bit of chocolate (it’s 4 squares of dairy milk) and ice cream (no it’s not Messina, it’s Peters low fat) everyday. It gives me something to look forward to, stops me from binging and suppresses a food crave....happy days.

Gary Stavrakis