Are you a “Bomb” or a “Classic”?

By Matt O’Brien



Imagine that your body is a car...

I bet if you bought a brand new car you would look after it, put the right fuel in and get it serviced regularly.

A brand new car runs smooth, looks good and all the parts work.

As time goes by things start to change.

Tyres and brakes will inevitably wear out.

There’s a good chance a few scratches and dents will show up.

I just about cried the first time I dinged my “new” second hand car!

If you don’t look after your car it will eventually break down and cost you a lot of money.


The human body is the same.

It needs to be looked after. It needs the right fuel.

We even get our bodies serviced when it’s needed…(no, not that sort of service!)

What I mean is, we see doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists when we need to... our very own mechanics.


If you leave a car in the garage for years it won’t get damaged but you will have other issues.

Parts start to seize up. Over enough time the battery will go dead and the engine might not work at all.

Those issues come from not using a car as it’s meant to be. Cars are meant to move and drive.


The human body is meant to move!  It’s not meant to sit on a lounge gathering dust and seizing up.

It’s designed to be active, play sports and be enjoyed.

Over a lot of years there is a good chance some body parts will eventually start to wear too.

Things like cartilage in knees and shoulders start to go...our shock absorbers.

Discs in backs will generally compress to some degree in adults.


This is why not just moving but moving correctly is so important. Varied types of training and movement should be used. Full ranges of motion so that joints when they wear, do so evenly and smoothly.


Millions of years ago we were only designed to live for 30 or 40 years. Life expectancy has increased dramatically.

So it has become even more important to move correctly and look after ourselves.


No one really expects to be driving around a 60 or 70 year old car but unlike cars you don’t get to trade in your body for a new one.

You might get some parts replaced but a whole trade one is really buying!

Given there are no trade ins on bodies, why do we not look after ourselves better?

Some people are obsessed with looking after their cars but don’t show themselves the same love.


If you look after them both, adjust how you use them over time and get some good advice from mechanics they will last you longer and be far more enjoyable to get around in.

No one wants to be considered a “bomb”.

Be the “classic” everyone looks at driving down the street!

Matt O'Brien