Maybe it is a numbers game ?

By Matt O’Brien

Do you remember sitting at school in maths class and thinking, “When am I ever going to need this stuff?”


Well if you recently did the CrossFit Opens, you probably now have the ability to convert pounds into kilos like Rainman.

Apart from that the Number’s Game, doesn’t seem to apply all that often.

Or does it?

Recently I was thinking about how much the numbers matter more than ever to people.


How many likes, subscribers and followers?

These numbers seem to be more important than ever!

It is more important to the generations born say in the last 10 or 20 years.

Now before you start thinking this blog is just the ramblings of an old crazy man, let me explain…


I know there are people out there making an incredible living from social media. A living very dependant on their social media numbers such as followers and subscribers.

Not too many years ago a “YouTuber” wasn’t even a thing let alone a job.

People with very clever minds worked out they could make a living through these different social mediums and in so many different ways!

This seems to have a habit of turning into an obsession for people though. Especially those growing up in the social media environment.

As the Crazy Old Man I can’t just point the finger at kids though.

I’ve done it.

I’ll put my hand up.

I’ve sat there at the cafe or with someone and checked my latest Instagram post to seem if my massive following (124 people at the time of writing this) has grown since I checked it four minutes ago.


So much business also relies on this medium.

The irony is this blog is on Social Media!!!

It is a numbers game.

This Crazy Old Man can realise times change.

Do you think when the printing press was invented and produced newspapers, there was a generation of people claiming it would be the death of conversation or story telling?


It all has a place.

We just need to balance out the place.


Catching how downward in a phone my head was, recently caused a heap of thoughts to pop into my downward tilted head.

Before you think Crazy Old Man has turned into Crazy Old Guru Man...just work out a few of the numbers on these sorts of things...

When did you last...

- Read an actual book made of paper.

- Ask someone how they were and listened to the answer.

- Hug someone.

- Let yourself get wet in the rain for a bit…(don’t worry humans are waterproof.)

- Danced in public...(try it, I bet it makes someone smile.)

- Learn a magic trick and watched your kids face when you show them.

- Listened to an album and looked at the cover. (That was cool.)

- Sit and think about your breathing, how it feels and sounds.


In our gym we go by numbers too. Number of reps, how much weight, fastest times.

They are important to evaluate how we improve, develop and to set goals.

Seeing members lift a personal best weight is so satisfying.

Those numbers have a place.

It’s balanced with the human contact through the community of people we have there.

Sometimes when we stretch at the beginning of class I just listen to our members talking about whatever, joking with each other and just laughing.

There’s no numbers then...and it’s good too.

Matt O'Brien