"Stav, should I do the Open?"

If you have been hanging around Zelos the past few months or even weeks, I am sure you've been asking yourself "Am I ready for The Opens?" or asking others "Are you competing in The Open?" Most of the guys who have been around Zelos and other boxes for a number of years all know what is coming and what the Open is all about.  For those of you that don’t, let me tell you a little more!!


The CrossFit Open is the first of two qualifiers for the CrossFit Games. Those who make the cut in the Open move on to Regionals, and then potentially the CrossFit Games. Those who make Regionals and then The Games are basically cyborgs...I believe that they are truly the fittest people on earth.  Very cliche line, I know but so true.


Ok, so now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about what it means to us punters and mortal athletes at Zelos. The CrossFit Open is five workouts that serve as a benchmark of how our previous year’s fitness has improved and it serves as a measure of how our next year’s fitness will continue to change and what goals we set for ourselves. It’s scary to see how great your improvements can be over the course of a the year without you even knowing or trying to run faster, lift heavier or jump higher.  I even look at people doing burpees and jumping up and landing on both feet with perfect balance but it wasn't that long ago that that same person was crawling off the floor to stand on their feet. That is just one tiny example. Hence why benchmark workouts are so great!!

Think of it as a benchmark workout, except it’s 5 of them, served up 1 per week, for 5 weeks straight. It challenges us to perform things we may have never done, and to learn what we need to improve upon. It pushes us way out of our comfort zone physically, mentally and maybe even emotionally (I have seen many tears (and laughs) in The Open and many PBs), but does so while placing us in an immensely supportive environment of people we train alongside daily, which is our awesome Zelos Tribe. It takes one workout at Zelos, to feel comfortable.

 Again, if you message me, call me and/or ask me in person something along these lines…Member - ”Stav, I’ve only been here three weeks should I be doing the Open?”  Stav, “Yes, of course you should be doing the Open Michael (that is not their real name), we can scale every workout and you will be part of an awesome experience.”  Member - “But I don’t want to look like a dick?” Stav - “When Matt and I decided to open Zelos we also decided that we didn’t want people in the gym that we wouldn’t want to train with (it’s our silent ‘no dickheads policy...shhhh!’). So everyone is on their own journey and only really cares about their own performance but they will be just as supportive of you as they will of everyone else.” Member - “Ok...where do I sign up for this magical thing they call the CrossFit Open.” Stav - “Right here actually actually Michael https://games.crossfit.com/cf/login?returnTo=%2Fregister%2Fathlete&flow=games .  I’m so happy you have signed up Michael.  We get to dress up every Friday night with Kieran, laugh, train and drink beer and wine.” Member - “That is so cool Stav, Zelos is awesome!” Stav - "I know Michael..thanks."

Now, for the details; The CrossFit Open begins Friday, February 23rd when CrossFit HQ will announce the first 2018 CrossFit Open WOD to the world. We will start the WOD from 5pm that Friday night with a Friday Night Theme Night, that will continue for the entirety of the Opens.  The theme will be announced the Monday prior to each Friday Night Theme Night.  If you can’t make Friday night, you can attend Open Gym each Saturday from 9am and complete the Open WOD.  After these dates, it will be at the discretion of all the coaches when and if we can fit you in somewhere.  As you can all appreciate, it’s a hectic period in the gym for 5 weeks and now with more members than ever before, it will be FULLY HECTIC!!

Please feel free to bring a beer, burger and the family on the Friday night and join in on a truly epic event!!

It will culminate on March 23 where will have a massive throwdown at Zelos with Pizza and Beer!!

If you have any questions at all, please come to any coach with any concerns you have! In the meantime, please reach out to current members about their experience and their love/hate relationship with good ole Dave Castro, the sadistic programmer of these workouts.

Friday Night Theme Nights at CrossFit Zelos: (theme will be announced the Monday before each WOD)

18.1- Feb. 23
18.2- March 2
18.3- March 9
18.4- March 16
18.5- March 23


Stav : )


Gary Stavrakis