5 Tips For Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions

Every January people will make New Year's Resolutions about their health.

Only a few will actually stick to them past January and even fewer past February.

So here are some tips to make those resolutions part of the new you, rather than a missed opportunity!

Make the decision for the right reasons.

New Year’s is a mark on the calander, but does it really give you a reason to change? If it does great!  

Changes to your lifestyle should be made for reasons important to you.

Start small.

Most people have spent a a lot of time not doing whatever this year's resolution is going to be.

So if you are just getting back into fitness after a long break, you probably won’t be running a marathon on January 3rd.

Start with a few small changes and build from there, something easily achievable.

An early “win” will keep you in the game.

Commit to doing some exercise two or three times a week.

If your diet needs fixing, start small. Drink water instead of soft drink, have less sugar in your coffee, have a breakfast of eggs or oats instead of sugary cereal. (It might be just one of these!)

Too many times people go all out in the first two weeks only to become sore, tired and hungry or worse….injured and unable to continue.

Each little win will add up to big changes!

Find a Fitness Friend.

“Accountability” will help keep you heading in the right direction.

Its easier to let ourselves down rather than a friend.

Friends with similar goals to you are perfect. Keep each other motivated in the tough times.

Make yourself a priority.

Many people see fitness and health as a hassle or something extra they have to “fit in” on top of going to work.

Why is your own health and happiness the hassle?

Why is the work we do for 8, 10 or 12 hours a day not the hassle?

You probably shouldn’t quit work on January 1st, (that’s a whole different blog!) But you should look forward to improving your health each day.

Make it part of your day. The day might start with a gym session or it might end after walking the dog. Just make it something you have to do as part of your day.

Explain to your partner and loved ones why you want to do these things and why it’s important to you.

They should be supportive.

You never know they might become your “Fitness Friend”!

Invest in an expert.

If a pipe bursts you call a plumber.

If the car's engine stops you call a mechanic.

Why don’t we place the same importance and invest the same money in our own bodies?

“I'm going to drink fruit juice instead of coke from now on.”

Next time you’re at the shops check out the sugar content of both…

It’s nearly the same.

People  just don’t know.

That's where fitness coaches and nutritionists come in.

Your health, happiness, husbands, wives and kids are worth the investment.

All the best for the New Year from CrossFit Zelos.

And if you are looking for some help or advice on those New Year’s Resolutions, feel free to drop by the gym for a chat.

Matt O'Brien