The Desire to Survive.

Every living thing wants to survive.

It is something built deep into their makeup.

Plants want to grow.

They search for food, water and sunlight to grow.

No plant wants to stay small and weak.

Every animal in fights to survive.

They too seek food and shelter to live.

Animals tend to take it one step further and look to the group for help.

Lions will share the kill so everyone gets to eat.

Wildebeest will chase off the attacks of hyena attacking one of their group.

Ants will sacrifice themselves to ensure the survival of the nest.

Where am I going with this?...

Every living thing... except humans.

We do things at times against the very idea of survival.

Eating well and being active lends itself to extended life.

So many avoid these things and actually increase the risk of early death.

Well that's not true...I hear you say.

Some people are healthy. Some train and eat well. Some people help other people.


You are right.

But they are a percentage.

Why don’t all of the humans fight, move, eat and train to survive?

Is it laziness?

Is it selfishness?

All of the animals of the animal kingdom and all of the plants of the natural world fight for their survival and the survival of their kind.


We could fight harder. We could look after our herd better.

We could support those bettering themselves and be positive about members of our herd making changes.

We could encourage them, praise them.

The human herd could be stronger.

I encourage you to fight for survival.

I encourage you to make your herd stronger.

Matt O'Brien