5 Tips to Achieving Goals

5 Tips to Achieving Goals



Giving your New Year’s Resolutions the best chance. By Matt O’Brien


2017 is now in the rearvision mirror and 2018 is well underway. That means that a whole heap of New Years Resolutions have been made and a few of those have probably already fallen by the wayside. Every year the most popular resolutions always revolve around health and fitness. They don’t have to be an unsuccessful venture and here are 5 tips to give you the best chance of success with those health and fitness resolutions.


Many people would have heard about making SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely,) These tips will help work alongside goals that are made in that fashion.


1. Break up your goal into smaller steps.

If your goal was to lose 10 kilos in 2018 then break that amount up into smaller goals. The goal might be to lose 2 kilos every 8 weeks. The smaller wins along the way will keep you on track.


2. Get some advice!

Every January I see people jogging along looking like they are hating it, with a running stye that makes me want to stop my car, get out and yell STOP! Someone pounding away on joints that haven’t trained in years in shoes they dug out of the bottom of the wardrobe after they played touch football six years ago, is going to injure themselve rather than achieve a fitness goal. It’s no wonder they give it away after a week or two when thier feet and joints start giving them grief. 9 times out of 10 I see people that would be better off walking and easing into things.

We get advice from accountants for our taxes. We get advice from lawyers for our legal matters, why wouldn’t we see an expert when it comes to our health?

Getting some advice from someone that can help you stay on track towards your goals is a worthwhile investment.


3. Tell people about it - put yourself under some pressure.

There is nothing like embarrassment as a motivator. So why not tell your family or friends about your goal. This will keep you accountable. If you have a number of people asking you how you are going in relation to your progress then eventually you are going to have the jubilation of telling them you achieved it or the embarrassment of having to admit that you didn’t work hard enough or even worse...gave up.

Another way is to find a few friends with similar goals and make a bet. Each friends puts $100 in the pot and first one to achieve the goal or last one to give up takes the purse. “Master of my own domain” style for those Seinfield fans!


4. Take some pressure off.

So I just said to put some pressure on…...why would I now take it off? Well lets say your goal is to eat better and lose some weight. Some people think….. “I have to be diciplined, I have to have willpower.” Change can be hard. So why not remove all those temptations from the pantry, the chocolates, the snacks. Just don’t put yourself in that position.

I hear smokers say…. “I only smoke when I go out and have a drink.”.....Okay, don’t have a drink for the first few weeks. Remove the pressure, or the temptation or yourself from the environment that makes achieving your goal that bit more difficult.

If you truly want to achieve your goal then you will do the little extra things that will help you get there. It will get easier with time but at first you have to give yourself the best opportunities to have a win.


5. Surround yourself with the right people.

Going through tough times with others makes those tough times easier and creates a special bond with those people. The same goes for whenever we are making changes to our lives. There are two parts to this point…….

The first extends from the point we discussed about getting advice. Surround yourself with some experts. Maybe that means a coach, a nutritionist, a good massage therapist to keep you in the game after hard training sessions. Maybe that just means someone that knows what they are talking about when recommending some new shoes for you to train in.


The second part is to surround yourself with people that will encourage and support your decision to make changes. That might mean you have to have a few conversations with family and friends. Many times I’ve seen people make a decision to eat healthy only to have a partner bring home takeaway food and eat it in front of them. Or “friends” that smoke, encourage the recent quitter to join them for a smoke…...wtf!


The right tribe around you encouraging you to attend the gym, to stick with your training, to stay on track with your new eating choices.


That's the best chance of success.


This year you can make a changes and achieve those goals you want.

Matt O'Brien