“There Is No Try...Only Do!” - Yoda

With 2018 in the rear vision mirror a whole heap of goals have been set.

Now it’s time to put things in gear and achieve.

As the wise Jedi Master Yoda once said, “There is no try...only do.”

Yes, some things out of our control can derail progress like, injuries, unforeseen issues with the kids and work. But most of the time the decision to change...or not...is ours!

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

If your goal is to lose 10kgs in 2019, break it into smaller goals.

Losing 1kg per month would obviously see 12kgs lost in 2019. An even bigger win.

The smaller wins along the way will keep you on track.

Think of the long term.

Every January people can be seen jogging along looking like they are hating it.

Most of the time with a running style pounding away on joints, in shoes dug out of the wardrobe after they played touch football six years ago!

The intention is good, but this often leads to injury rather than achieving a fitness goal.

After a week or two, feet and joints start giving them grief.

I’d give it away too!

A lot of people would be better off walking and easing into things.

Think of it as literally a marathon not a sprint and plan. This is the case for any goal.

Tell people about your goal - put yourself under some pressure.

There is nothing like embarrassment as a motivator.

Tell your family and friends about your goal to keep you accountable.

Eventually you will either have the jubilation of telling them you achieved it or the embarrassment of  admitting you didn’t work hard enough.

Another way is to find a few friends with similar goals, make it interesting and make a bet. Each friends puts some money in the pot and first one to achieve the goal (or last one to give up, depending on the goal) takes the purse.

Just like “Master of my own domain” for those Seinfeld fans!

Take some pressure off

Above I said to put pressure on...so which one is it?

I’ll tell you what I mean...

Lets say your goal is to eat better and lose some weight.

Some people think… “I have to be disciplined, I have to have willpower.”

Why not remove the temptations like chocolates, biscuits and snacks from the cupboard?

Don’t buy them.

We’ve all heard smokers say… “I only smoke when I have a drink.”

So don’t have a drink for the first few weeks.

Remove the pressure, the temptation or yourself from whatever makes achieving your goal more difficult.

If you truly want to achieve your goal, you will do the things to get there. It will get easier with time but at first give yourself the best opportunity to have a win.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Going through tough times with others makes them easier. It creates a special bond with those people.

Surround yourself with people excited about your decision to make change.

Many times I’ve seen people make a decision to eat healthy only to have a partner eat takeaway in front of them.

Or “friends” that smoke, encourage the recent quitter to join them…wtf!

The right people around you, encouraging you to attend the gym, to stick to your training, to keep at your new eating choices...there is the best chance of success.

Matt O'Brien
5 Tips For Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions

Every January people will make New Year's Resolutions about their health.

Only a few will actually stick to them past January and even fewer past February.

So here are some tips to make those resolutions part of the new you, rather than a missed opportunity!

Make the decision for the right reasons.

New Year’s is a mark on the calander, but does it really give you a reason to change? If it does great!  

Changes to your lifestyle should be made for reasons important to you.

Start small.

Most people have spent a a lot of time not doing whatever this year's resolution is going to be.

So if you are just getting back into fitness after a long break, you probably won’t be running a marathon on January 3rd.

Start with a few small changes and build from there, something easily achievable.

An early “win” will keep you in the game.

Commit to doing some exercise two or three times a week.

If your diet needs fixing, start small. Drink water instead of soft drink, have less sugar in your coffee, have a breakfast of eggs or oats instead of sugary cereal. (It might be just one of these!)

Too many times people go all out in the first two weeks only to become sore, tired and hungry or worse….injured and unable to continue.

Each little win will add up to big changes!

Find a Fitness Friend.

“Accountability” will help keep you heading in the right direction.

Its easier to let ourselves down rather than a friend.

Friends with similar goals to you are perfect. Keep each other motivated in the tough times.

Make yourself a priority.

Many people see fitness and health as a hassle or something extra they have to “fit in” on top of going to work.

Why is your own health and happiness the hassle?

Why is the work we do for 8, 10 or 12 hours a day not the hassle?

You probably shouldn’t quit work on January 1st, (that’s a whole different blog!) But you should look forward to improving your health each day.

Make it part of your day. The day might start with a gym session or it might end after walking the dog. Just make it something you have to do as part of your day.

Explain to your partner and loved ones why you want to do these things and why it’s important to you.

They should be supportive.

You never know they might become your “Fitness Friend”!

Invest in an expert.

If a pipe bursts you call a plumber.

If the car's engine stops you call a mechanic.

Why don’t we place the same importance and invest the same money in our own bodies?

“I'm going to drink fruit juice instead of coke from now on.”

Next time you’re at the shops check out the sugar content of both…

It’s nearly the same.

People  just don’t know.

That's where fitness coaches and nutritionists come in.

Your health, happiness, husbands, wives and kids are worth the investment.

All the best for the New Year from CrossFit Zelos.

And if you are looking for some help or advice on those New Year’s Resolutions, feel free to drop by the gym for a chat.

Matt O'Brien
The Desire to Survive.

Every living thing wants to survive.

It is something built deep into their makeup.

Plants want to grow.

They search for food, water and sunlight to grow.

No plant wants to stay small and weak.

Every animal in fights to survive.

They too seek food and shelter to live.

Animals tend to take it one step further and look to the group for help.

Lions will share the kill so everyone gets to eat.

Wildebeest will chase off the attacks of hyena attacking one of their group.

Ants will sacrifice themselves to ensure the survival of the nest.

Where am I going with this?...

Every living thing... except humans.

We do things at times against the very idea of survival.

Eating well and being active lends itself to extended life.

So many avoid these things and actually increase the risk of early death.

Well that's not true...I hear you say.

Some people are healthy. Some train and eat well. Some people help other people.


You are right.

But they are a percentage.

Why don’t all of the humans fight, move, eat and train to survive?

Is it laziness?

Is it selfishness?

All of the animals of the animal kingdom and all of the plants of the natural world fight for their survival and the survival of their kind.


We could fight harder. We could look after our herd better.

We could support those bettering themselves and be positive about members of our herd making changes.

We could encourage them, praise them.

The human herd could be stronger.

I encourage you to fight for survival.

I encourage you to make your herd stronger.

Matt O'Brien
What If You Took 100% Responsibility For Everything In Your Life?


What decisions would you make if you took 100% responsibility for your life right now?

So often people wait for things to change, wait for things to come to them.

How often do you hear people talk about what will happen in the future?

“When I win the lotto…”

“Next year…”

“When the kids have grown up…”

Are we seriously just pressing pause on life?

Look at every single thing or circumstance in your life and ask yourself what taking 100% responsibility for it really looks like.

Your health, your nutrition,your training. Is it where you want it to be?

Or do you make a heap of excuses?

Take responsibility for it now.

What about things outside of my control? I hear you say … illness and injuries for example. I can’t train with those.

What about when people do things to me?… my wife left me. Work is busy at the moment.

How have you reacted to all of those things?

That’s what 100% responsibility looks like.

So often people curl up in a ball and have a pity party for themselves. Take an easy option and blamed others for the situation they are in.

I know… I’ve done it.

There is nothing more powerful than taking control of those situations. The ones other people think will beat you down. Only to rise up and act stronger than they expect.

Do things on your terms!

Not bound by the limitations others want to put on you.

Make decisions for you.

Train when all others wouldn’t. If you have an injured shoulder train legs, if your back is sore walk in a pool.

Be happy in the face of adversity.

Let go of the hurt and anger towards those who hurt you.

You don’t have time to waste on them.

You have places to be and things to do in order to make your life better.

It takes time and practice to find peace when anger wants to close in.

Whether it be anger at people or circumstance or both.

It’s not easy.

But...the world doesn’t have it in for you anymore than anyone else.

You don’t deserve a lotto win anymore than anyone else.

Go and create your lotto win.

What does your life look like when you make decisions taking 100% responsibility?

Matt O'Brien
A Famous T-Shirt Once Said, "Suns Out, Guns Out!"


Winter is over and many people will renew a vow to get in shape, get healthier and train harder in time for Summer.

However the wish for results just because of a change in season, doesn’t just happen.

There has to be a change in habits too.

The excuses of cold mornings getting in the way of training need to be swapped out for habits leading us to results.

This will take focus.

What do I mean by focus?... I’ll tell you.

It takes more than just “doing” to get real results.

Eat with purpose. Train with purpose.

Reduce your distractions.

Here is my top six tips for increasing your focus and decreasing your distractions.


1.    Commit to someone.

This helps with accountability. It’s easy to back out of something when it only affects ourselves.

If our lack of commitment is going to effect a gym partner or a team then we are less likely to let them down.


2.    Invest in yourself.

The less it costs the less people care. Very few people are actually motivated enough to go train everyday in a park for free. This is why people don’t use the $12 a week membership they pay for. It’s not enough for them to care.

Look around for a gym that is going to offer you more, is going to keep you accountable in someway to turning up… like… Zelos for example! (Yes I am bias.)


3.    Less phone time.

It’s easy to whittle away the hours scrolling on phones and then deciding, “Oh, I don’t have time for food prep and training.” Put the phone down! You won’t miss anything. Go and move.


4.    Make time.

Everyone is busy. Work, family, kids, relationships. Make the time. Combine some things.

Sign up to the gym with your partner.

Do a personal training session with your spouse. I bet you both feel better afterwards.

Include the kids in some outdoor activities.

Get up earlier.

(These are like bonus tips inside the tips!)

If all else fails read Tip 3 !


5.    Say “No”

You don’t have to go to every function. If you do go, you don’t have to drink alcohol and eat the food there. These are a sure ways to distract you from your goals.

I’m not saying become a monk! If your friends aren’t willing to encourage and support the focus you have on yourself at the moment, well… are they the ones to hang out with? Surround yourself with good people.


6.    Get advice.

We go to accountants for tax advice, lawyers for legal advice, builders to build our house. You don’t have to know everything when it comes to food and training.

Make life easier, take out the hard work battling through all of the confusion and get some advice from people that know.

Your efforts can then be focused on actions and not figuring it all out.


There you have it. Six tips to increase your focus and decrease distractions.

Follow these tips and in no time you’ll be dusting off your “Suns Out, Guns Out!” T-shirt to the envy of all of your friends!

Matt O'Brien
How Many Push Ups Can Your Brain Do?

Recently I had the privilege of speaking with one of our clients about “health”.


“Big surprise!” I hear you say.

Let me explain...

We were talking about “change”.

If someone wants to change their health or fitness they have to do something different. They have to change whats being done now.

Start some exercise, change the diet, get some personal training.


Our conversation was actually about mental health.

“What does your mental and emotional exercise look like?”... I asked.

People are well aware of having plans for their physical health.

However, when it comes to our mental and emotional health we don’t consider our practices, our plan or even talk about it.

Sometimes it’s trial and error. Not everything will be a fit.

Not everyone likes or feels comfortable with every type of physical training either.


We discussed meditation. Practicing meditation takes time.

Olympic Lifting takes practice too but we seem to keep at physical challenges far longer than mental ones.

One of my best decisions was to stop watching the news. I avoid so much negativity.

I don’t listen to the radio either, most of the time I listen to podcasts or audiobooks...they relax me.

We spoke about “gratitude” and journaling too.

“None of that is me.” my friend said.

I laughed… “None of it was me either till I started it!”

Without change there is no change.

People join a gym, train five times a week, go to a nutritionist to better thier physical health...which is (swear word) awesome by the way.

What does your plan look like for your mental and emotional health?

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Matt O'Brien
When “Selfish” Is Unselfish.

The word 'selfish' instantly conjures up negative thoughts.


The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘selfish’ as - “lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.”

What if we stretched the definition?

Or applied it to one’s health?

It is fair to be selfish at times when it comes to our health?

The negativity of selfishness seems ok to be flipped when it is directed to other people. Such as our families.

Society deems it ok for us to want ‘more’ for our kids, our partners and… to be selfish about it.

And so here begins the confusion…

‘Sacrificing’ yourself is different to be selfish.

It is potentially more damaging.

You can’t always put others first at the sacrifice of your own happiness and health.

Note I said ‘always’.

In fact, making your health and happiness a priority will see more rewards for your family than sacrificing it.

How often have we heard about the tired and cranky parent coming home short fused with the kids. Or too tired on the weekend to do anything with the family.

Health and Fitness provides benefit to mind and body. Those benefits extend to all those around you.

Maybe the word ‘chiefly’ in our definition should be changed to... concerned ‘appropriately’ with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

It seems if someone’s ‘priorities’ differ from others they are the recipient of criticism or judgement.

Placing a priority on one's own health and happiness is a means of placing priority on those around us, our families, our kids.

Sometimes it’s ok to be a little selfish… especially when it comes to health and happiness.

Matt O'Brien
“CrossFit Is Too Cheap!”

Why you can’t afford not to do it.

Gym owners regularly hear how expensive CrossFit is.

Well I’d argue the real question is...


Compared to what?

If its a $13 a week membership at a “normal” gym...then yes it is.

A Ferrari is an expensive car compared to a Holden Barina.

Even the Barina is expensive compared to a broken pushbike though.

You get what you pay for!


I was going to write about all of the things that your “normal” gym doesn’t do.

Instead here are some other questions you might ask yourself comparing expensive things.

However, here is the warning…

These questions are harsh.

Don’t read on if you aren’t ready to face some truths about expense and your health.


  • How much do the medical bills cost if you have a heart attack and live?

  • What is the cost to your children if you die from the heart attack?

  • How much does it cost you and your family to get a nurse after your stroke?

  • What is it worth to live a better more active life?

The cliche’ about only having one life to live is true.


Maybe I’ll have one less coffee each day.

Or, I’ll take my lunch to work.

Friday arvo beers might be just beers and I won’t put fifty in the pokies.

Maybe I’ll only have smashed avo with feta and pesto for brunch every third weekend!


If you have the self motivation to chase goals on your own, the drive to turn up, the knowledge to progress your training, knowledge about nutrition

and like walking on a treadmill alone then maybe “normal gyms” are for you.

If you don’t… well maybe CrossFit isn’t too expensive.


This is what I believe…

Your gym should care and want you there.

You deserve to be coached, helped and given advice.

Your nutrition, mobility and movement should be important to them.

They should know your name.

Social events are included just because they should be.

The odd bacon and egg brekky BBQ is great on a Saturday after training.

Making friends, laughing and fun is allowed too!

You don’t get that for $13 a week.

Matt O'Brien
“Am I Fit Enough For CrossFit?"

When I was 8 years old I was going to be the next Peter Sterling.

For the younger readers “Sterlo” was the greatest halfback to ever play Rugby League.

Yes, this statement may create arguements, (none more so than between me and my Rabbitohs loving business partner when I post this blog) but hear me out.

I was young and starting out in Rugby League. I had no experience. I didn’t know what it would take.

As time went by I was never going to play in the NRL. I still enjoyed it though.

The skills, speed and abilities of great players are admirable and awesome to watch to this day.


In a few days time the CrossFit Games will start.


Great athletes from around the world will soon hit the competitive stage at the highest level in the sport.

These athletes are truely incredible in ability, fittness, dedication and a long list of other qualities.

Many people will watch the CrossFit Games and think…

“I can’t do that.”


“I’m not fit enough for that.”

No one ever watches the State of Origin thinking, I can’t play at that level so I will never play or enjoy Rugby League.

People don’t expect to start at the top level. We start off with playing in the park, some touch footy or OzTag.

So why do people think they have to be at the CrossFit Games level to start training?

A CrossFit Games level athlete is a freak, let’s face it.

Not many will ever get to that level.

Training CrossFit and the CrossFit Games are two different things.

CrossFit takes the best things about different sports and training styles and throws them together.

Think about this…

If a CrossFit Games athlete turned up to our gym they would do the same class as our members. They might do it a bit faster and lift a bit heavier but it would be the same.

There’s the beauty of it.

You CAN do it.

You ARE fit enough.

It is the perfect place to get fitter.

Training is able to be adapted for everyone and there lies the difference compared to competing.


So next weekend I will probably sit back and watch the CrossFit Games in admiration and amazement just like when I watch the State Of Origin.

Knowing that I will never be Matt Fraser or Sterlo, but will really enjoying the spectacle and skills of the athletes.

Go the Aussies!

Matt O'Brien
“Are You Having FUN?”

When was the last time you had fun?


I guess we have to define what fun is for each of us.


Why am I asking?

Well I’ll tell you…

In the gym people are often bogged down and frustrated about “numbers” they are lifting or “times” they are getting.

We hear statements like, “I can’t do muscle ups.” or “I still can’t do double unders”... usually as a skipping rope goes flying across the gym.

People beating themselves up about their training.

Frowns, disappointment and frustrations are not what training is about.

Training shouldn’t be something getting you down.

If for you, the weights, struggles and journey of those things ARE fun...awesome!

It should be.


The same can be said for our lives outside of the gym.


Life can be tough. Sometimes it seems like one battle after the next.

So the first question again...When was the last time you had fun?

In a movement class we ran I watched a group of members laugh as we finished off with some game play.

I watched them genuinely having fun all the while not even realising they were training.


Every now and then I think we need to do something (in or out of the gym) where we feel silly or laugh, just for fun.

Anyone in my classes when Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” hits the stereo is lucky enough to be treated to my outstanding power metal dance moves. If box jumps are in the workout well look out...they make the perfect podium!

Why?... because sometimes I just want to have fun.


Let me be clear… Training at times MUST be serious.


  • Lifting heavy weights needs attention and concentration.

  • The right mindset must be there to battle a long enduring workout full of wall balls, thrusters and burpees.

  • Concentration is a must when learning a new skill like muscle ups.

  • Goals and progress are important (I’ll talk on importance of these in a blog soon)

As coaches it is our responsibility to make sure those times are recognised in the gym.

On occasions clients have to be refocused on a task for safety.


You also need to have fun.

Just as exercise and training is good for your mind and body…

Fun and laughter is too.

Playing with the kids, laughing with your partner, seeing a movie, going to the beach.

Sometimes it's doing those things without worrying about the time or what the next “important” task is.

It doesn’t matter what your FUN is… just as long as you have some!


So put on some great music, pretend you are wearing leather pants and have big hair… the world is your stage!

Matt O'Brien
“Motivation doesn’t exist!”

In these cold days of Winter we often hear comments about “motivation” in relation to  training.

What if I told you “motivation” as you think of it doesn’t exist?

If I told you only “decisions” mattered?

In 2008 a young Connor McGregor was interviewed way before he was in the UFC. During the interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1xocUIxEKk) he makes a number of predictions.

“I’m an up and coming young fighter and without a doubt you will see me in the UFC in the near future, without a doubt.”

“My dream is to be World Lightweight Champion in the UFC. Have more money than I know what to do with and have a great life for my kids, my grand kids and everyone in my family.”


He decided.

McGregor goes on to outline his decisions to pack up his job, train twice a day and chase that goal.

He doesn’t talk about his “motivations”

All the motivation to be fit, lose weight or train for a competition can be there, but those “motivations” won’t take you anywhere without the decisions to do it.

You can decide to get up early and train or decide to stay in bed.

You can decided to go to the gym or decide to sit on the lounge.

On Facebook I watch these motivational speakers with hundreds of people in the audience cheering, giving high fives and excited about whatever they are being “motivated” to do.

It makes me wonder…

When they leave the room, when they go home from the speakers’ show…

What then? What happens to all the motivation?

None of it matters if those people do not DECIDE to take the next step.

As coaches we can talk about goals, health benefits, fitness, weight loss, where you want to be in life...the list goes on.

We can try to “motivate” you with words, music and even articles designed to speak to your desires for health and fitness. We desperately want the best for you!

In the end it comes down to your decisions for you.

Let's look at it the other way...

No one is motivated to become overweight. Or motivated to be unhealthy or unfit.

People make decisions though. They make the decisions not to train. The decisions to eat poorly.

What do you want ... FOR YOU?

At CrossFit Zelos I am lucky enough to see people everyday making great decisions about their health and fitness.


When you make the first decision to come and train the coaches of CrossFit Zelos will be there to guide you through the right movements, techniques and training for you.

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.” - Michael Jordan.

Matt O'Brien
The Tale of CrossFit Bear.

Once upon a time…


There was a bear who loved to exercise. This bear’s choice of exercise was CrossFit.

He was known to everyone as “CrossFit Bear

CrossFit Bear really enjoyed going to the gym and smashing out a workout with his friends.

Over time CrossFit Bear started to notice some changes.

He was getting fitter, stronger and looking better too.


Soon CrossFit Bear had some goals. He wrote them down.

Goals like a heavier deadlift, a muscle up and a faster “Fran” time were all in there.

A six pack of abs would be good he decided, but shaving down so people could see them would take time.

CrossFit Bear decided he wanted to increase the weight of his Snatch as well. Although hook grip is tricky when you don’t have opposable thumbs!


One day in the gym, he heard a guy named “John” say, “Winter is coming.

CrossFit Bear had noticed it was getting colder in the mornings. Some days he snuggled up in bed and stayed there a little longer.

He decided to skip some of his training days.

His diet of berries and salmon (his paleo diet) of which he was quite proud, started to slip.

Weight started going back on.

It got harder to get back to the gym even when he knew he should probably go. So in the end he stopped and started to...hibernate.

CrossFit Bear’s goals just sort of... disappeared.

He really wanted a muscle up but it was so warm on the lounge watching TV.


A lot of his friends, including the owners of the gym, would message him asking when he was coming back to train.

He would say things like...“Yeah I’m just having a rest. I’ll be in next week.” or “Work has been really busy.

All of the work CrossFit Bear had put in had now taken a backward step. He regretted not sticking to his training and his goals.

He didn’t feel as good as he did when we was training. In fact he felt pretty bad.

CrossFit Bear was sad.


You are not a bear.

People do not hibernate.

Yes it is cold in Winter.

Stop with the excuses.

Life is still happening...get after it...grab those goals.

Don’t be like CrossFit Bear.

See you in the gym!

Matt O'Brien